Image by Alexandr Marynkin
LHC Workshop front view.jpg


It was around 2013 when we had the idea to start making our own candles.  We were tired of paying high prices for candles that didn't smell that good and didn't last that long!

Basically after three months of trial and error, and working in a very hot barn, we made our first candles out of paraffin that we put into jelly jars.  After more experimentation — much like a mad scientist, we decided to switch to soy wax because it burnt cleaner and lasted longer. We were also ( and still are ) very heavy-handed when it came to adding the scents to the wax, and thus our candles were born!

Since we switched to soy wax, we also changed to mason jars.  Originally we were making candles with our 10 to 12 scents, now we have greatly expanded to over 250+ ( Cathy keeps on buying more & more fragrances ) and rising!  And, also we moved out of the hot barn into the building you see today. We are known in the south of Alabama for our candles in mason jars.

Both of us wanted to be able to make a candle that we were proud of that not only smelled good but was also affordable, and our scents would outlast any expensive candle out there.

Thus, was born — Lightning Hill Candles, the South's Best, and as "They" say .....
The rest is history!